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Spaziergang durch die Gärtnerstadt von Bamberg

A city tour of a special kind

Did you know that Bamberg has a very long tradition of vegetable growing? If you want to learn more about Bamberg’s gardeners, we cordially invite you to a very interesting city tour with lots of interesting information. In the Theuerstadt, which today is generally referred to as the Gärtnerstadt (Gardener’s city), the typical gardener’s houses and the large, wide cultivation areas still characterise the townscape in a unique way. This fact has also contributed to Bamberg being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gärtnerstadt BambergVegetables have been grown intensively in Bamberg for centuries. In those days, onions were one of Bamberg’s specialities. This is the reason why the people of Bamberg are sometimes mocked as „Zwiebeltreter“ (onion treaders) by the inhabitants of neighbouring towns. But the cultivation of liquorice also has a long tradition in Bamberg, which is now being taken up again by some gardeners and continued.

The growing interest in healthy food has led to the gardener’s city increasingly becoming the focus of the tourism industry today, and many sightseeing tours make a stop at the weekly markets. This is because Bamberg’s many visitors are not only interested in the city’s historical sight, but also in the life and work of today’s generation.

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