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The Schlenkerla – smoked beer and sightseeing attraction

A good address for all those who love Bamberg smoked beer

Schlenkerla – Picture: Asio otus

In a city like Bamberg, which has numerous sights to offer and where tourism plays an important role, there should of course be no lack of high-quality gastronomic offerings. Do you love something special not only when it comes to tourism, but also when it comes to drinking? Then you should plan a detour to the famous “Schlenkerla” during your city tour. The building which is one of Bamberg’s most popular sights and photo motifs simply because of its beautiful half-timbered facade, is located in the heart of the old town.

Behind the peculiar name lies a historic inn that was mentioned in documents as early as 1405. Legend has ist that long ago one of the owners was run over by a horse-drawn carriage. After his accident, the victim could no longer move his limbs in a controlled manner and was therefore allegedly given the nickname “Schlenkerla”. Later, this name became synonymous with the pub and the “Schlenkerla” became one of Bamberg’s most famous sights.

But the name and the age of this house are not the only reasons why the “Schlenkerla” is mentioned in almost every tourist guide as one of the renowned sights and the rustic inn is one of the most important sightseeing stops on every city tour and every guided city tour. With a bit of luck, you will find a free seat in the Dominikanerklause and can admire the old Gothic vault there in peace and quiet. During your city tour you will certainly have learned that brewing has played an important role in Bamberg for centuries. Here at the “Schlenkerla”, a smoked beer – a Bamberg speciality – is still brewed and served according to old recipes. It is also a good tradition in this house that the noble barley juice is stored in oak barrels.

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Book a city tour directly online. A local guide will give you a comprehensive and impressive insight into the history of the city. A must when visiting Bamberg!

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