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Neue Residenz and Rosengarten

Residenz – Photo: Reinhard Kirchner

When it comes to the most important sights and top tourist destinations in Bamberg, the Neue Residenz (New Residence) cannot go unmentioned. The magnificent buildings and rooms give participants of our city tour an impressive picture of the splendid lifestyle of the prince-bishops of Bamberg. The oldest phase of construction was begun in 1602 to complete and add to the Alte Hofhaltung. Lothar Franz von Schönborn, who was to go down in the annals of history as a prince-bishop who was particularly keen on building, felt that this building was inadequate and had it converted into a magnificent Baroque palace in 1695. The Vierzehnheiligenpavillon (Fourteen Saints’ Pavilion) was added a few years later at the front of the so-called Stadtflügel (City Wing). From an urban planning point of view, this four-storey extension was intended to take on the function of a tower. The corner building was given the name “Vierzehnheiligenpavillon” because, in favourable weather conditions, the pilgramage church of Vierzehnheiligen can be seen from the top floor.
The fact that the listed building is today one of the sights that exert a magical attraction on tourists is, however, not least due to the magnificent interior design of the building. The design has been changed several times. The rooms were given their present appearance around the 18th century. City tour participants often can’t get enough of the furnishings in the 40 magnificent halls, the valuable carpets and furniture. The Marble Hall, the Hall of Mirrors with its valuable stucco elements and the Emporer’s Hall, which is located on the upper floor of the middle wing, are particularly magnificent.

Rosengarten – Photo: ermell

In 1803, the complex became the royal residence. Today, the east wing of the imposing sandstone building houses the Bamberg State Library. Among the important sights in Bamberg, which have also found a dignified place in the Neue Residenz, are valuable paintings of the Bavarian State Painting Collections. If you are interested in painting, you should definitely include a visit to the Staatsgalerie in your sightseeing programme to get to know the high-ranking works of the old Germand and Baroque artists.

Between the wings of the Neue Residenz is the Rose Garden, which is rightly mentioned in every tourism guide in the list of Bamberg’s most important sights. The Rose Garden is a baroque garden that is loved by its visitors not only for the enchanting splendour of its flowers, but also for the unique view of the Michaelsberg and the charming old town.

A must ony a city tour

Our local guide is happy to take you by bus or on foot through the most impressive buildings and other sights of the world heritage city of Bamberg. You should definitely not miss this exciting tour when you are in town.

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