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Klein Venedig – at least as picturesque as the original

The picturesque backdrop for Sandkerwa and Italian Night

The central role that water can play in a city can be observed especially in Klein Venedig (Little Venice). This is what the people of Bamberg affectionately call the part of the island city that used to be home to the fishermen. In this part of Bamberg, you can experience a very special kind of city tour on a barge or excursion boat. You glide leisurely past small half-timbered houses, most of which were built in the Middle Ages and were inhabited by fishing families for centuries. The houses in Klein Venedig nestle close together. Between the houses and the Regnitz River there is also only a narrow strip used as a garden. The wide wooden balconies are characteristic of the fishermen’s houses. In former times, the nets were dried here because the fishermen had no other place to do so. Today, fishing no longer plays a role in Bamberg. And even a fish market, which is one of the most attractive sights in many fishing villages, has unfortunately not existed in Klein Venedig for some years. A special highlight for tourism, however, is the “Sandkerwa”, which is celebrated every year in August in Klein Venedig. The pretty little houses on the waterfront provide a picturesque backdrop for fishermen’s sting and an Italian night.

Klein Venedig
Klein Venedig – Picture: Reinhard Kirchner

You can see how dangerous life on the waterfront could have been in earlier times looking out for high-water marks while sightseeing. At some, particularly threatended places in Klein Venedig, these marks are placed at man-height. Today, fortunately, the people of Bamberg are reliably protected from flooding. Upstream, a weir was built that can be closed during high water. The excess water can now be discharged via the other arm of the Regnitz, which has been developed into part of the Main-Danube Canal.

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Don’t miss this beautiful sight. On our city tour, we will be happy to tell you more about Klein Venedig. Our local guide will also drive or lead you through the small alleys.

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