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Bamberg Cathedral – a must on any excursion

Place of faith and testimony to medieval architecture

Der Bamberger Dom
Bamberg Cathedral – Picture: Berthold Werner

The cathedral is Bamberg’s most famous sight. At the same time, the four-towered imperial cathedral on the Domberg is the building that decisively shapes the old town of Bamberg. It was Henry II who decided in 1004 to build a church on the foundations of the former Babenburg. When Bamberg became a diocese in 1007, this project was given a much higher priority. The importance of Bamberg Cathedral even at this time was demonstrated in 1012 on the occasion of its consecration. Almost all archbishops of the Holy Roman Empire were present at the celebrations. But as early as 1081, the so-called Heinrichsdom burned down. A substantial part of the furnishings was also destroyed in this fire. With much vigour, the cathedral was restored to such an extend that a synod could again be held in the cathedral as early as 1087. But even this restored building fell victim to the flames in 1185.

After this disaster, a new building was planned by the prince-bishop to better meet his political and representative demands. The construction of the cathedral, which today is at the centre of every sightseeing tour of Bamberg, was begun at the beginning of the 13th century. In 1237, Bamberg Cathedral was consecrated and is today considered one of the most important testimonies to medieval creativity. There are only a few cultural monuments and sights around Bamberg that have a comparable significance for tourism in this region.

One special feature of all Bamberg Cathedral buildings has been preserved over 1,000 years and is often mentioned by sightseeing guides: because the new buildings were erected on the foundations of the predecessor structures, even today’s Bamberg Cathedral was not built exactly in an east-west direction. Unlike most church buildings, the axis of Bamberg Cathedral points from north-east to south-west.

Bamberg Cathedral is a must in every city tour

Visitors interested in history and lovers of architecture will also discover countless special features and other interesting details in and around Bamberg Cathedral. Unfortunately, we can only give you an approximate idea of why Bamberg Cathedral is one of the world’s moat important sights during a city tour. Would you like to delve deeper into the exciting history of this building and learn more about the Bamberg Rider, the Cathedral Toad and all the other sights around the Cathedral? Contact us! We would be happy to organise a special guided tour for you in addition to the city tour.

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