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Alte Hofhaltung – right next to Bamberg Cathedral

Right next to the cathedral is the Alte Hofhaltung – a well-known Bamberg sight that we will show you on your city tour. This striking building complex is one of the sights of every sightseeing tour, because these old half-timbered houses and the courtyard they tell us particularly much about the interesting and eventful history of Bamberg. At first, the Castrum Babenberg and late the Platinate, which Emporer Heinrich II had built, were located on this site. Historians assume that the bishop’s seat was also located here when the diocese was founded in 1007. After the cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1185, a single-storey Pallas was built here. This building was replaced by the magnificent structure that is now mentioned in every tourist guide about Bamberg. Whether you have a keen interest in high-quality architecture or simply enjoy beautiful design, the typical elements of the German Renaissance will impress anyone on a city tour.

Alte Hofhaltung
Alte Hofhaltung – Picture: Franzfoto

One ot the motifs that can be found in almost every tourist brochure or illustrated book with sights of Bamberg is the “Schöne Pforte” (Beautiful Gate). The impressive relief was created by the sculptor Pankras Wagner. Besides the personified representation of the rivers Mainz and Regnitz, you can discover the Mother of God and four saints. If you pass through the gate, you will reach the romantic inner courtyard. Here, where sightseeing tours stop today, everyday life took place centuries ago. We will be happy to show you during the city tour where the old forge, baking oven, well, granary, accommodation for the servants and maids and the bishop’s representative rooms were located centuries ago.

For Bamber tourism, the Alte Hofhaltung is also one of the most important sight because today the interesting exhibits of the “Historical Museum” are displayed in these old walls. Perhaps our city tour has inspired you to learn a little more about old Bamberg? In any case, a visit to the museum is highly recommended!

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