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The most important sights in Bamberg

The world heritage city of Bamberg has a lot to offer. Discover the most exciting sights and hear the most interesting stories. You’ll get the best insight into the culture and history of the city if you take a city tour or a guided tour with one of our local guides. He’ll show you everything worth seeing in the city and takes you to corners you wouldn’t have found on your own.

Der Bamberger Dom

The Bamberg Cathedral

A place of faith and testimony to medieval architecture.
The cathedral is Bamberg’s most famous sight. At the same time, the four-towered imperial cathedral on the Domberg is the building that decisively shapes the old town of Bamberg. It was Henry II who decided in 1004 to build a church on the foundations of the former Babenburg. When Bamberg became a diocese in 1007, this project was given a much higher priority. Just how important Bamberg Cathedral already was at this time was demonstrated in 1012 on the occasion of its consecration.

Klein Venedig

The picturesque backdrop of Sandkerwa and Italian Night.
The central role that water can play in a city can be observed especially in Klein Venedig. This is what the people of Bamberg affectionately call the part of the island city that used to be home to the fishermen. You can experience a special kind of city tour in this part of Bamberg by barge or excursion boat.

Klein Venedig

Residenz Bamberg

Neue Residenz and Rosengarten

When it comes to the most important sights and top tourist destinations in Bamberg, the Neue Residenz cannot go unmentioned. The magnificent buildings and rooms give participants of our city tour an impressive picture of the splendid lifestyle of the prince-bishops of Bamberg. The oldest construction phase was begun in 1602 to complement and supplement the Alte Hofhaltung.

The Altenburg

A highly visible landmark of Bamberg.
A visit to the Altenburg Castle is guaranteed to be included in the sightseeing programme of any experienced tourism professional who hast to organise a city tour or a guided tour of Bamberg. After all, the Altenburg is not only one of Bamberg’s most famous sights, but also a landmark of our beautiful Franconian city that is visible from afar.

Altenburg Bamberg

Alte Hofhaltung Bamberg

The Alte Hofhaltung

Right next to the cathedral is the Alte Hofhaltung – a well-known Bamberg sight that we will show you on your city tour. This striking building complex is one of the sights of every sightseeing tour, because these old half-timbered houses and the courtyard they form tell you particularly much about the interesting and eventful history of Bamberg.


A good address for all those who love Bamberg smoked beer.
In a city like Bamberg, which has numerous sights to offer and where tourism plays an important role, there should of course be no lack of hight-quality gastronomic offerings. Do you love something special not only when it comes to tourism, but also when it comes to drinking? The you should plan a detour to the “Schlenkerla” during your city tour. The building, which is one of Bamberg’s most popular sights and photo motifs simply because of its beautiful half-timbered facade, is located in the heart of the old town.

Schlenkerla Bamberg

Gärtnerstadt Bamberg

Walk through the Gärtnerstadt

A city tour of a special kind. Did you know that Bamberg has a very long tradition of vegetable growing? If you would like to learn more about Bamberg’s gardeners, we cordially invite you to a very interesting city tour with lots of interesting information.

The Old Town Hall of Bamberg

One of the most original town halls in Germany.
One of the best-known sights and most popular photo motifs in Bamberg is undoubtedly the Old Town Hall. If you are taking part in a city tour or guided city walk in Bamberg for the first time, you will probably ask yourself why the town hall was built over a river.

Das alte Rathaus Bamberg
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